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everyday is like sunday

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October 15th, 2005

12:30 pm - i think it's time i updated (?)
this fall has been probably one of the best times i can remember for a long time. to start, i have a job that i actually enjoy (most of the time anyways), i have awesome friends, i got a new car, i think i am nicer to other people, i have more motivation, and for the most part, i am doing fairly well in school. except my algebra class. :(

last night, danielle and i had an excursion through downtown. it was such a nice night. warm yet cool. sweater weather? we went for a walk along the river which was slightly smelly, but very pretty. standing on top of parking ramps is fun too. so is smoking in the back of mustangs.

i will try to make my posts funner to read and more often.
Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: brand new-the no seatbelt song

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June 19th, 2005

08:40 am - (nothing)
trying to sleep with two other people in a bed meant for like one person is the worst sleeping experience i could have possibly had. watching a friend's younger sibling put make up, nail polish, and shaving the legs and eyebrows of a passed out person while almost passing out is fun too....
(lowell parties suck)

i tried to color my hair yesterday with horrifying results.

i am supposed to be going to the great college town of alma today, but i am not sure when i am leaving. hopefully not very soon. i feel like shit. O_o

going to go back to sleep....
Current Mood: soresore

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June 16th, 2005

10:46 pm - you vandal
trips to the beach are something that i wish i could come across more often. i need to have more fun and spontaneous times this summer. i have already decided that this summer is going to be my best summer to date. as for right now....i need to get a new car, or least that is what my primary objective is (besides have a grand summer).

taking too many pills is a good way to waste a day. popping pain killers and sleeping all day is the latest trend, or at least for me it is.

vandalizing and playing pranks on people is overrated and not very fun to commit on a regular basis.

i'm holding my breath.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: eisley-telescope eyes

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June 12th, 2005

10:55 pm - california, where the mountains climb so tall and waves crash blue around you
i haven't posted here in forever!

san diego was probably one of the best places i have gone to in a long time. it was the perfect temperature every single day, the city is beautiful, riding the trolley alone all day is fun, going to the mall, going to the beach, the zoo, the mission de san diego, people watching, pretty plants, pretty people, going to mexico and of course, bonding time with my mom. haha

my new job is fun. it is easy. the pay is good and the people i work with are way awesome.

i want to be in a relationship. the ideal one.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: taking back sunday-you know how i do

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May 27th, 2005

10:48 pm - wanted: motivation
a new job, an upcoming trip, and summer almost here. i should have reasons to be motivated, yet i just constantly want to sleep. haha
i wish i could get payed for sleeping my days away.
attend sleeping parties, and drink myself sleepy....

yeah.....i am bored, and want to find something to fill my friday night.
Current Mood: geekygeeky
Current Music: tiger army-in the orchard

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May 25th, 2005

02:55 am - if i am not too lazy....
Comment with your name
01. reply with your name and i'll write something about you.
02. i'll then tell what songs/movies remind me of you.
03. i will try to name a single word that best describes you.
04. i'll tell you the most memorable moment i've had with you.
05. then i'll tell you my silliest memory of you.
06. i will tell you what animal you remind me of.
07. i'll then tell you something that i've always wondered about you.
08. put this in your journal.

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12:13 am - fuck a new sleep schedule, i wanna be sped out
the last few days have been actually a lot of fun, but at the same time extremely monotonous. right, becca?

driving to far away places, smoking turkish gold, sipping vitamin water and listening to the garden state soundtrack. oh so fun...

actually, i hate getting stuck in swamps and having to walk a trail in the dark with am axe murderer in hot pursuit.
Current Mood: hyperhyper
Current Music: the faint-dropkick the punks

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May 22nd, 2005

01:46 pm - i need a new sleep schedule
so i am now employed by the wonderful department store known as marshall fields. that totally rocks! haha

not only do i now work there, but i also got a call back for an interview at forever 21. ha
i'm not sure if i am up for working at such a gay place, but it would always be nice to have two jobs. =D

the last few nights have been quite delightful. to start, alex had a party at his new house on friday night. lots of fun, including alex dancing around in his heels and sequin halter. haha
saturday, went to the 'punkabilly' show at flashback. free booze and good music equates into a fun night. afterwards, went to the daac.

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: sparta-breaking the broken

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May 17th, 2005

11:08 pm - a change for the better
so i am not bitter. i should just delete everything from my previous entry. compairng these two entries, i would feel safe in saying i am slightly crazy. oh well...

so i may have a job, and by 'may' i mean i most likely have a job. it's a marshall fields at their smoothie/cafe/salad counter thingie. i can't wait to start. i think i might even get discounts for working there, not that i do much shopping there...

i need to do something with my hair. something new...something no one has done. actually, i kind of have an idea, and people have already done it. dammit.

i love you...
Current Mood: lovedloved
Current Music: anatomy of a ghost-set the stage

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May 10th, 2005

10:47 pm - sleep makes the morning come sooner
i am not nice. i have been told this so many times before, and now i can see why i have heard it so many times. it's a sad realization. however, one that is true.

i had this dream. i met someone. someone way awesome. when i woke up, i realized it wasn't a dream. i had been staring into a pool of reflecting water. i am so in love with myself...

it's pathetic.

i am full of hate. i hate it. i truly, honestly only hate two people that i can think of...

one of you makes me hurt non-stop. however, i am not sure if i hate you.
the other, severed all ties of friendship without even an acknowledgment. not even a simple explanation.

i'm sorry to everyone i have wrong, hurt, or made feel inferior or second best.
Current Mood: distresseddistressed
Current Music: sorry about dresden-a reunion of sorts

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